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Custom Cubbies was started in July 2004 when my wife and I were in the market for a cubby house for our daughter. With a personal knowledge and experience within the building industry we started an extensive search. We could not found a suitable cubby that measured up to our strict guidelines in which we placed on a cubby house for our daughter – Safety, Durability, Strength / Stability, Price and Design.

We then decided we would make our own. After receiving many complements on how good the cubby was and enquiries as to where we purchased it from, our friends, family and neighbours began placing orders. We have grown from small family business working out of our garage, to a company that is now shipping there products all over Australia. Our cubbies have been used in television advertisements, outdoor garden festivals and also as prizes in raffles and auctions for various charities such as The Cancer Council “Walk for Life”.

We have now expanded our product range and also we are known as Custom Outdoor Creations as we found people didn’t relise we also make Sheds, Cabins, Home Offices, Decks and Timber Fence Screening. You still get the same great service and products from us as Custom Outdoor Creations as you did when we were Custom Cubbies.

“All Custom Outdoor Creations products are designed and manufactured with children and families in mind.”

People always ask us why we use “arsenic free” treated pine it is quite simple , it is safe to have around children and pets and is not susceptible to termites and borers like ordinary pine is when left out in the weather. How many times have you heard of the horror stories of peoples houses being eaten from the inside out from termites and borers because they are made from ordinary pine? With Custom Outdoor Creations products you don’t have to worry about termites eating your children’s treasured cubby house.